Claris FileMaker Server Hosting

Reliably Share Your Claris FileMaker Application. More flexibility, features and customisations at a better price than Claris Cloud.

We make it simple for you and setup your hosting for you.

Buy your Claris licenses through us. We resell discounted FileMaker and Claris Connect Licenses.

Hosted in a world class Data Centre. A true Tier 3 N+2 facility with ISO 27001 accreditation. 24x7 FileMaker Server monitoring included.

Install your own plug-ins, applications, schedules, web files, or anything! Unrestricted administrative access to the server!

All current Claris FileMaker Server versions available.

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Have your application hosted on a new server typically in hours

Why host in the cloud?

Check out these features, some of which you will not find from competitor hosting options

24x7 Monitoring

Our custom monitoring system ensures all FileMaker Server components are running by individually testing each component continuously. Downtime notifications are immediately sent to you and to us. Zabbix server monitoring is also used to monitor free disk space, performance, server issues and more.

Full Redundancy

Multiple Fibre internet connections. Self-Healing Hardware Failover. DDOS Protection. Hardware Firewall. Plus offsite backup of FileMaker files in a separate datacentre within Australia.


Fast, Reliable 100% Raid10 SSD Storage. Server grade CPU's. Typical upload and download speeds over 100 MB/S each way. Fully configurable, add CPU, RAM, Storage and FileMaker users as needed. All supplied resources are dedicated. We Do Not use shared or 'burst' CPU and RAM.

Australian Location

Server and offsite backup locations within Australia.  Overseas servers and backup locations are available.
You have full server admin access via remote desktop, or request Managed hosting.
Australian Data Center:
5GN Melbourne DC is a true Tier 3 N+2 facility, coupled with ISO 27001 accreditation, 24/7 onsite security and 2 MW of dedicated power.

Compare Claris Cloud

Claris Cloud Essentials has a 3 x file limit and 2GB storage per user per year with no upgrades on storage, CPU, or RAM.
With us enjoy hosting up to 125 FileMaker files. Granular modifications to CPU core counts, RAM, and Storage.
Install plug-ins or software on the server. Set up a regular FTP transfer or other server schedule! Host web files on the server.

Remote Access Speed

Enjoy typical speeds well over 100Mb/s download and 100Mb/s upload. A whopping 440 GB per month network quota is included.


Cloud hosting is scalable. Add or remove RAM, CPU or Storage easily! Looking to mix-and-match your storage options for more value? Choose a cheaper second SATA drive for backups for example to go with your fast NVME/SSD storage.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is available. Leave the IT hard work to us and allow us to manage your full hosting requirements.


BYO FM Server License

2 CPU, 4 Gig Ram, 5GB SSD Storage. (Expandable see below for pricing)
BYO FileMaker Server License

$ 75/mo.

$75 p/m with BYO FileMaker Server License.
Pre-pay $680 per year to save $280

Add more storage, RAM or CPU as required


5 Users

2 CPU, 4 Gig Ram, 10GB available SSD Storage.
(Expandable see below for pricing)
Includes FileMaker Server license + 5 FileMaker Pro/GO Users

$ 2,111/yr.

Claris FileMaker installer included.

Add more storage, RAM, CPU or FileMaker users as required

    Create Your Own

    Send a custom request for a server 


    Design your own server specifications and FileMaker license count

    Add more storage, RAM, CPU or FileMaker users as required

      Upgrade Pricing

      CPU – $6 per month per core

      RAM – $12 per month per GB

      SSD Storage – $2 per month per 5GB

      Optional SATA storage – $1.15 per month per 5GB


      Trial Our Servers!

      Contact us above to request a free trial or a paid 1 x Month trial with a trial license of FileMaker Server

      Schwarz Software is a FileMaker consultancy that has managed FileMaker servers since 2005. With experience in custom web publishing, ODBC drivers, and an SQL expert on hand. We can customise your FileMaker solution for you, or develop a whole new solution.

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